Welcome to the world of hassle-free laundry with BEST by Genetco’s range of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines! Engineered for efficiency and designed for convenience, our washing machines offer a perfect blend of performance and user control.

Powered by advanced technology, our machines ensure thorough and efficient cleaning of your laundry, leaving your clothes fresh and spotless after every wash cycle.

At BEST by Genetco, we prioritize delivering washing machines that not only simplify your laundry routine but also guarantee quality washing performance. Experience the perfect blend of efficiency, durability, and user control with our range of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines, designed to make laundry days a breeze!

BT-TT Series Semi-Auto Washing Machines:

Each model in the BT-TT series presents a unique washing capacity, catering to diverse household sizes and laundry needs, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and a user-friendly washing experience.

Showcasing the available models of BEST by Genetco’s Twin Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machines:

BT-TT700: 7KG Twin Tub

  • Perfect for smaller households or individuals, offering a 7KG washing capacity.
  • Ideal for handling moderate laundry loads efficiently.
  • Provides a balance of compactness and functionality, catering to everyday laundry needs with ease.

BT-TT800: 8KG Twin Tub

  • Offers an increased washing capacity of 8KG, suitable for slightly larger households.
  • Provides enhanced flexibility for managing varied laundry loads effectively.
  • Ideal for those seeking a bit more capacity without sacrificing efficiency.

BT-TT1000: 10KG Twin Tub

  • With a substantial 10KG washing capacity, it suits medium to larger-sized households.
  • Perfect for handling more substantial loads of laundry efficiently.
  • Offers ample capacity for families while maintaining excellent washing performance.

BT-TT1200: 12KG Twin Tub

  • Designed for households requiring a higher washing capacity.
  • Provides an impressive 12KG capacity, catering to larger loads efficiently.
  • Perfect for managing heavier laundry requirements with ease.

BT-TT1600: 16KG Twin Tub

  • The pinnacle of capacity and efficiency in the range, offering a generous 16KG washing capacity.
  • Tailored for larger households or commercial use, ensuring efficient washing of substantial laundry loads.
  • Ideal for those seeking exceptional capacity without compromising on washing performance.
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