Welcome to BEST by Genetco’s range of Supermarket Display Chillers, where innovation meets presentation to redefine the showcasing of perishable goods in commercial spaces.

Designed with a fusion of cutting-edge technology and elegant display features, our Supermarket Display Chillers are crafted to elevate the visibility and freshness of your products. From fresh produce to beverages and dairy, these chillers offer an optimal environment for showcasing and preserving perishable items while enhancing their visual appeal. Featuring a variety of sizes, designs, and configurations, our display chillers cater to the diverse needs of supermarkets, convenience stores, and retail spaces. Whether it’s a sleek upright design or a spacious multi-tiered layout, each chiller is meticulously engineered to ensure efficient cooling, uniform temperature distribution, and easy accessibility.

With a focus on both functionality and aesthetics, these chillers boast illuminated displays, glass doors for visibility, and user-friendly controls, providing a balance of practicality and visual allure. They enhance the shopping experience by enticing customers with a clear view of your products while maintaining their freshness. Discover the perfect blend of style, efficiency, and product preservation with BEST by Genetco’s Supermarket Display Chillers, redefining the way you present and preserve perishable items in commercial settings.


BT-DC660F Display Chiller

Introducing the BT-DC660F Double Door Display Chiller from BEST by Genetco, a powerhouse of refrigeration designed to elevate product presentation while ensuring optimal preservation.

With a substantial 660 liters capacity, this double-door chiller offers ample space to showcase a wide array of perishable goods, providing businesses with a versatile solution for displaying their products effectively.

Driven by a mechanical thermostat, this chiller ensures precise temperature control, maintaining an ideal environment to preserve the freshness of your goods while enhancing their presentation.


  • 660 Litres Capacity
  • Double Door
  • Toughened Glass
  • Sleek White Cabinet
  • Mechanical Thermostat

BT-DC540F Display Chiller:

Introducing the BTDC540F Double Door Display Chiller from BEST by Genetco, a versatile refrigeration solution designed to enhance product visibility and preservation in commercial settings.

With a generous 540 liters capacity, this double-door chiller offers ample space to showcase a diverse range of perishable goods, providing businesses with an ideal platform to display their products effectively.

Featuring toughened glass doors, this chiller ensures durability while offering a clear view of the displayed items, captivating customers with an enticing presentation. The sleek white cabinet design seamlessly integrates into various commercial spaces, adding a touch of sophistication to your product display.


  • 540 Litres Capacity
  • Double Door
  • Toughened Glass
  • Mechanical Thermostat
  • 4 Wheels

BT-DC406F Display Chiller:

Introducing the BT-DC406F Single Door Display Chiller from BEST by Genetco, a compact yet powerful refrigeration solution designed to showcase and preserve perishable goods with efficiency and style.

Boasting a 406 liters capacity, this single-door chiller offers ample space to present a diverse range of products, making it an optimal choice for businesses seeking a compact yet functional display solution.

Featuring a double-layer glass door, this chiller ensures enhanced insulation and visibility, allowing customers a clear view of your showcased items while maintaining efficient cooling.

The recessed handle design adds a sleek and modern touch to the chiller’s aesthetic, providing a seamless and user-friendly access point to the displayed products.


  • 406 Litres Capacity
  • Single Door
  • Double Layer Glass Door
  • Recessed Handle
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