Best Brand: A Vision Born in Challenge and Innovation

In 1989, fueled by a spirit of innovation and a challenging vision, Mr. Murtadha Hassan Ali, the Founder & Chairman of Genetco, envisioned introducing a range of home appliances that would meet local needs and be affordable for the general consumer. At that time, only multinational products were prevalent and often out of reach for those who couldn’t afford expensive items. The dream was to make the product range of Best Brand accessible to common people, bringing quality appliances within their reach. The brand emerged in the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, introducing products designed to cater to the needs of middle-class first-time buyers or those seeking a reliable second option.

With an aggressive Genetco team, already leading the market in 1989, the decision was made to storm the market and establish BEST as the first domestic brand in the region. The brand strategically sourced products from renowned locations such as the UK, Denmark, Japan, and Korea. BEST initially ventured into the market with highly competitive-priced air conditioners for homes, followed by the introduction of widely demanded deep freezers.


Understanding the market needs and consumer pulse, Chairman Mr. Murtadha Hassan Ali aggressively guided the team to the next milestone—launching small kitchen appliances and water coolers. Since its inception in 1989, BEST has become a household name and a major stakeholder in air conditioners, chest freezers, refrigerators, and other home appliances.

The year 2014 marked a pivotal turning point and rebirth for BEST under the leadership Dr. Muthanna Al Durrah. With Dr. Muthanna at the helm, BEST elevated its brand strategy to the next level, placing a strong emphasis on high quality and economic value. Since 2014, BEST, under Dr. Muthanna’s guidance, expanded its product portfolio, ushering in a new era of growth and innovation. For over 35 years, BEST has remained synonymous with economical, quality products, boasting a customer base of over 1 million satisfied customers. The brand’s journey reflects a commitment to excellence, adaptability, and a deep understanding of consumer needs

Welcome to BEST by Genetco, the ultimate destination for a better living experience. For over 35 years, our brand has remained dedicated to excellence, adaptability, and a profound understanding of consumer needs. With a remarkable customer base exceeding 1 million satisfied individuals, BEST has firmly established itself as a household name and a key player in the realm of air conditioners, chest freezers, refrigerators, and various other home appliances. Guided by the visionary leadership of Chairman Mr. Murtadha Hassan Ali and Dr. Muthanna Al Durrah, we have consistently elevated our brand strategy and expanded our product portfolio, ensuring the provision of top-notch, economically valuable solutions. Discover the remarkable fusion of style, functionality, and durability that surpasses expectations, and embark on an extraordinary journey with BEST today.

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